Youth training

2 Days/wk - $120/month, 1 day/wk - $80/month

SATURDAY 10 AM - 12 PM, WEDNESDAY and friday 4 - 6 pm

ages: 8-17

Our youth training program is designed to get kids stoked on climbing at all levels.  With that established as a foundation we build into safety, technique and strength to give kids the best structure for a life in the vertical world. Call to sign-up and find out which day will best suit your child's needs - FRIDAY IS INVITATION ONLY BASED ON EXPERIENCE AND MATURITY! Youth Training includes a full membership to SRG. 


first Class - $35/following Classes - $25

Thursdays - 6:30 pm

Join aerialist Jill for a two-hour long all-levels class. Strength training, stretching and beginner to advanced poses/moves tailored to each students ability level. Class is capped at 4 students. Please contact sanctuarysilks@gmail.com with any questions and to reserve your spot.

Lead Class

Members Only (by appointment) - $120

A two-part, four hour class, teaches the basics of lead climbing at Sanctuary Rock Gym.  Skills are not transferable to other climbing gyms or outdoors. The first two hour session will focus on clipping effectively and getting comfortable climbing in the lead area. The second two hour session, a week later, is dedicated to rope management, falls and belay.  Please talk to the staff for an abilities assessment and to schedule a class.  Having a partner is preferred but not required.