MONDAY - FRIDAY 9am to 2pm

ages: 8-14

One of the most exhausting and confidence building camps one can engage in!  Designed to be both educational and entertaining, we spend time on everything from basic safety to rope swings and obstacle courses!  Throughout a week of camp we build children's mental and physical abilities, leaving them better prepared for the big world!  CALL TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

Final Summer Session - July 24 - 28

Youth training

2 Days/wk $120, 1 day/wk $80

SATURDAY 10:00 AM, WEDNESDAY and friday 4:00 pm

ages: 8-17

Our youth training program is designed to get kids stoked on climbing at all levels.  With that established as a foundation we build into safety, technique and strength to give kids the best structure for a life in the vertical world. Call to sign-up and find out which day will best suit your child's needs - FRIDAY IS INVITATION ONLY BASED ON EXPERIENCE AND MATURITY! Youth Training includes a full membership to SRG. WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY TRAINING RESUMES ON SEPTEMBER 6th!

Lead Class

Members Only (by appointment) - $120

A two-part, four hour class, teaches the basics of lead climbing at the Sanctuary Rock Gym, skills are not transferable to other Gyms or Outdoors. The first two hour session will focus on clipping effectively and getting comfortable climbing in the lead area. The second two hour session, a week later, is dedicated to rope management, falls and belay.

Women's 101

$175 per session - 7-9pm

Join talented teacher Amber and Wendy during four two-hour sessions of instruction designed to introduce you to and teach you how to properly utilize the Sanctuary Rock Gym to start your climbing career. From footwork to dynos and beyond. We have you covered.

Cost includes eight total hours of instruction, six weeks of membership with full privileges and rental equipment for every visit. 




UPCOMING CLASSES: July 26, August 16, August 30 - 7p-815p

Flow with Casie Fox in a Vinyasa class designed for climbers (though anyone is welcome!). A yoga practice can benefit your climbing by improving flexibility, focus, and preventing injury. We'll concentrate on areas that get worked on the wall - expect hip, shoulder and chest openers, balance work, core strengthening, and mindful movement. Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 hour, Yoga Alliance.