Latest Update - it’s a little long, but worth it.

An early massing of the SE bouldering area. The front face is similar to the old SRG pillar face, only reversed and 5’ higher! Wait until you see what is around the two corners, oh yeah!

An early massing of the SE bouldering area. The front face is similar to the old SRG pillar face, only reversed and 5’ higher! Wait until you see what is around the two corners, oh yeah!


Thank you for your overwhelming support and encouragement over these past 4 months! We have received hundreds of email requests for updates on our new facility and we will be in direct touch soon with membership info and all the rest, but here’s the latest. 

After an amazing 23 years at the original Sanctuary, we are looking forward to offering everyone a fresh new state-of-the-art facility with all the good stuff! We’re very excited to be getting everyone back on the walls in September. We’re already accepting reservations and we just booked one of our favorite schools for their return to PE and after-school programs in January and we are psyched! 

 As anyone in my industry will tell you, finding the appropriate location is the most difficult part of building a climbing gym. We originally passed on our new location 3 years ago due to the height restrictions. However, the space did meet all of our other requirements, and when the landlord and the city both gave us the okay to add an additional 50’ tall accessory building, we knew we had to take it. And so here we are, after 3+ years of searching, we successfully locked in a 20 year lease on this amazing space in the University Plaza Shopping Center at 1760 Fremont Boulevard in Seaside, California. The new space is over 10,000 sq. ft., twice the size of our old location. It’s been recently remodeled from top to bottom, allowing us to invest the savings in the best climbing walls, equipment and amenities we can find. You’re going to love it! 

 So here is the beta; We’re bringing the gym back in two phases. PHASE 1(P1) will be predominately bouldering with some top-ropes and auto-belays on walls that are the same height as the slab at the old gym. There are two fitness studios for various Yoga modalities, Barre, Pilates, aerial silks, circus arts and anything else we can find an instructor to teach. There’s a dedicated kids climbing area/party zone, along with our new Max Treadwall, LED MoonBoard, Nova Arch Bridge and many more amenities and surprises. There will be something for everyone. Once we’re up and running with P1, we’ll start working on our PHASE 2(P2) expansion in early 2020. The P2 plan will feature 50’ tall lead walls and an official 15 meter Olympic speed wall, oh yeah! Guess who makes official Olympic Speed Walls? Yep, our wall builder, Enterprises USA. You will be amazed at the size of this facility and what it will have to offer when complete. It might be too nice! 

 Our new walls are coming from the world leading manufacturer of climbing walls for the past 30 years, Enterprises USA, in Bend, Oregon. I have been climbing on their holds since 1988 when they first entered the US market. Here’s a fun fact: In 1996, the current president of the company used to sell hand-holds out of the trunk of his car back when he owned StoneAge Holds. He would show up with new designs and shapes and I’d buy every one he had in the car! I still have shapes from him and EP in my vintage collection of holds. It is a pleasure to be working with Sander again along with his talented team. The new walls are being designed, manufactured and installed by climbers, all here in the USA, and that makes us feel good! Once finished, the walls will make a 9.5 hour journey from their manufacturing location in Bend, down into California, across to Highway 1 and into Seaside on multiple flat bed trailers, super cool!

 Did I mention how perfect the shopping center location is? We have 159+ parking spots right outside our front door with all new LED lighting and camera security system. It’s super convenient and safe! The shopping center has 7 restaurants, including the popular Baan Thai & Harumi Sushi, Hexbox Crossfit & Fitness next door, there’s a 7-11 and many more convenient neighboring businesses. And Monterey Flipper Pinball & Beer Slangery is our new neighbor! Another fun fact; The owner of MFP&BS, Cary Carmichael, was member #4 at the original Sanctuary back in ‘96, his father Lynn was member #3 and his sister Katrina was member #5. We look forward to many nights of Slangery with Cary and his crew!

 Pre-opening memberships will be available on site in August, so stay tuned! 

We are looking forward to seeing you all again and providing you with the brand new state-of-the-art Sanctuary Climbing & Fitness!