Sanctuary Rock Gym


If you are interested in staying connected with us regarding our new gym. Please call the number above and leave some contact info, or drop us an email and we will add you to the list. You can use the form to the right too.

Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to bringing the climbing community back together as soon as possible.

Attention Members….

Please contact us regarding any Membership credit that is remaining on your account. We are offering two options.

#1 - Full refund - We will send you a check for your unused membership days.

#2 - Rollover your credit to the new gym and we will double your credit. If there is no progress on a new gym within 4 - 6 months, we will issue you a refund at that time.

Please let us know which option you prefer and your current mailing address. If I can get the credit card machine going, I will refund via that route.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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